1. nov. 18

    woke up 9:30 

    breakfast: oatmeal, coffee. protein shake

    work @ 12

    - 1 tuna, 1 salmon, 1 boiled shrimp. 

    off work at @ 8pm

    -starbucks coffee 

    -protein shake 

    practice @ 9pm 

    -lots of strawberry lemonade :D

    -10 piece classic wings 

    finish up my night with some random workouts and a protein shake 

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  2. nov. 17

    no pictures today cus its basically the same shit. 

    woke up at 9 and went back to sleep until 11 haha

    -Breakfast had oatmeal with milk + protein powder 


    worked out for an hour or more 


    -protein drink after workout 

    work at 6-10:30

    -after work had oatmeal

    -protein drink 

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  3. nov. 16

    woke up at 10am

    -oatmeal + one scoop of protein powder 


    worked out

    - chest with resistance band for 40 minutes 

    - 3 sets of 21s (arm workout)

    Worked at 4pm 

    -before work i had these rice crackers in the car

    -throughout work i had starbucks coffee 

    -30 min break at work i had fried tofu 

    home at 11. 

    -had oatmeal with milk and maple syrup, apple juice, a plum 

    always finish off my night with a protein drink before i sleep :D

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  4. Nov. 15 

    woke up at 8:30am 

    -breakfast was a  bowl of oatmeal mixed with protein powder (no photo)

    work at 10am

    -30 min break at work: 3 piece of cali roll, 2 salmon nigiri 

    -throughout work finished a rockstar energy drink 

    one hour gap between shifts from 4pm-5pm 

    - had a fresh squeezed orange juice from jamba juice 

    off work at about 11. 

    -ate when i got home: oatmeal+ one scoop protein powder, banana, and a cookie. 

    *going to finish up tonight with some chest workouts, dont know what yet. 

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  5. starting tmrw i will put up my daily diet and workout routine hahaha

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  6. batman

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  7. straight through my dimples hahaha

    straight through my dimples hahaha

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  8. drawing lady gaga 

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  10. Tuxedo Mask!!! LOL

    Tuxedo Mask!!! LOL

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